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Pepper Sterling was flying to the airline for more than a year that job is only a cover up for her activities as a drug mule for its cartel bringing drugs in the nation. I wait in the wings for flight attendant Pepper to arrive home and I ambush her since she walks from your doorway. Pepper knows everything and she fights to get loose, but I & severe; ve caught her in a choke grip that is tight and I rope up her elbows together behind her back cinching them tight and nice. I grope Pepper &severe;s huge tits and shove her on the ground including a tight crotch rope to pay down her. You inform me where the medications are!! and will talk missy Pepper flails her arms and legs and cries at mepersonally, but her efforts are useless since I have control of the circumstance. I grab anthoer piecce of rope and bind her crossed ankles. What a stupid bimbo – everything you know to do is smuggle drugs! Her mouth runs telling me I am wrong about I put in another piece of rope placing the stewardess at a hogtie. Severe & oh isn;t that too bad severe & the cartel didn;t irritate you this could occur. Pepper cries and rolls on the floor while I proceed to start her luggage searching for the drugs up. What!! The bag is empty – severe & you;ve dropped the drugs off until you came home. I grab a handful of her tit and squeeze it hard. You my beloved will probably be here all night till you decide where those drugs are, to inform me. I push a significant wad of white fabric into severe & Pepper; s mouth and seal it in efficiently with tape. You might as well tell me darlin since the cartel is going to off you if they believe you´ve spilled your guts to me. I abandon the bound and gagged airport alone tied and invisibly into her gag.

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