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Chloe, a beautiful and slim blonde is introduced to us in Portugal. She gets off the train wearing a short skirt because it’s very warm out. We notice the adorable upskirt view she is providing when the wind blows her skirt as she kneels to show us her suitcase. We see her packing and then we are given a peek through her bedroom. She is dressed up with all her toys on her bed. For some “stress relief”, she chose a purple vibrator which led to her first natural orgasm. We see her next on a cobbled sidewalk in public, with her picnic basket. Again, we are treated to upskirt views her adorable panties as she sits down on a bench at a quiet alcove, pulling a zucchini from her basket and using it to penetrate her genitals. We see Chloe sunbathing in her bikini, spraying oil on herself while she takes advantage of the sunlight. She also pulls her bottoms up for a cameltoe. We see her indoors having oral sex with a suction cup attached to her bedroom mirror. She then pulls her pants aside and uses the purple vibrating toy to infuse herself on the floor. After a quick nap, we see her relaxing in bed wearing her yellow lacy lingerie. Then, she gets into vibration play using the corded magic toy to add another level of excitement. We see her taking a quick nap, before she goes to the bathroom to apply some skin cream. She then hops into the tub and sprays her feet with the soapy water. Then, she uses a glass towel to get deeper, allowing her to enjoy another round of orgasms. We hear her crowing the next day as she takes to the streets in her sporty, athletic workout clothes. She flashes her breasts every time she can as people pass her on the public sidewalk. As people in Portuguese surround her, she enjoys a smoke at an outdoor café. We are treated to an unforgettable vacation in Portugal with Chloe, a charming and beautiful UK sweetheart.

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