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I’m sick and tired of blonde dominatrix Lisa Harlotte emptying my spouse ´s pocket. $500 an hour several times per week. She´s been sucking the cash stream dry and I am determined to put an end to her! I have got the bitch tied spread eagle on her bed and she has the guts to laugh . Well, well Mistress Lisa we shall find out who the laugh is on soon. I remove the red ballgag from her open mouth and that I wiggle my fingers before her face. The blond beauty&intense;therefore eyes widen in fear as the realization that I am about to tickle torture her sets in. I opt for her really ticklish beneath arms and start tickling. Lisa shrieks and screams and she struggles to prevent my palms. I tell Lisa that I want her to quit visiting my husband and I always won´t stop till she insists. I move on to her toes and I understand I&intense;t struck gold once the femdom squeals like a pig. Lisa starts to sweat and I laugh at her distress. What was it you called my husband… a cover pig? Well let&severe;s only watch who’s squealing like a damn pig now. Lisa begs for mercy, but I am persistent in my own insecurities. Finally she’s magnificent and she agrees to provide whatever I would like. I would like you to become my pay pig Mistress Lisa!!!! The weak helpless dominatrix cannot get away from my palms and I delight in making her miserable. Poor Lisa laughs long and so hard that she almost wets the bed. Anything… whatever that she cries!!! I need that Lisa becomes my submissive servant and away I go to get her wallet leaving her bound and panting out of breath.

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