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The eastern European Expeditions are continuing with Mistress Lorelei Le at an abandoned meat factory in rural Czech Republic. Fetish Liza has bound one lucky Euro slave boy in cold and left him naked. Lorelei will be testing it out. They have never seen Mistress Lorelei Lee (a California beauty) tease their eyes before. Ivo gets more and more frustrated with every whip slap, until heAs completely drooling over himself. HeA’s forced to idolize her in pajamas and has his cock shaved. Lorelei finally decides that she has to put HeA through the ultimate test and mummifies Him on train tracks, leaving only his cock exposed and his mouth full of a dildo gag. He can feel the sensation of her cunt as she rides on top of him with that dildo. He is starting to feel a bit sick at this moment, but he’s unlucky and LoreleiA is enjoying the ride. The train arrives and he either cums or is forced onto the tracks.

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