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Im shopping at a department store out. Im wearing a little black skirt, a striped jumper, also in my little feet I’ve got in my black Adidas shoes. To finish my look, I have my leopard print handbag slung over my shoulders. As I walk through the shop, I withstand hitching my skirt up to show Dry Nite’s stunning set pull ups I’ve strapped on under. They’re purple with images of butterflies on them, and they feel comfortable and luxurious . The store and its the middle of the afternoon will be busy, so I really should be more careful, but if Im wearing a pretty pair of pull ups, I just cant help myself! I rounded a corner and encounter a full length mirror on the wall, and which gives me a excellent chance to lift my skirt up again and have an even more glance, and actually check out how hot I look! I’m feeling very cheeky and once I see an empty toilet, I resist. I then fill the Drynites, spread my legs, and sit on the toilet. Straight away I can feel the sogginess spreading, and I savour the warm glow all around my crotch. Im in such a mischievous mood I dont close the toilet door, and anybody might grab a peek! When Im finally completed, along with also the Drynites are full to the brim, even though they feel considerably more bulky around me, I get up off the bathroom and go and continue my own shopping. But I actually dont carebrowsing in the shop is a Lot More interesting when youre strapped into some thing soaking wet )

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