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Adria Rae doesnt recognize that her life will be altered in the blink of an eye. While Adria waits inside her car, the emotionally unstable Mrs. Pax sneaks upon her sexual victim. Penny takes Adria against her will, with the aim. Adria wakes up in a room unknown for her and desperately attempts to find a way out. The red-haired woman introduces herself as Mrs. Pax, also Adria needs answers regarding why she was shot here. Mrs. Pax guarantees Adria that she has no clue what shes talking about and maintains nothing terrible will encounter her as long as shes accountable. Adria didnt quite know what Mrs. Pax means or what it implies, but immediately realizes shes in much more trouble than she believes. . .Penny sinking grabs Aria intrusively, kissing her lips and melts her tight jeans. Adria pleads to stop but there is not any stopping this lesbian schizophrenic. Drags Adria into a space with nothing but a bed, continued to fondle the captive. Penny keeps Adria silent by stuffing her shirt between her lips, and promises her safety if she does what she’s told. Orders frees her pussy until she’s satisfied and Adria to suck her massive boobs. By eating out clitoris and her abductors asshole the innocent girl cried unwillingly. Penny pitches over Adria and spreads her legs and indulges in her sweet, shaved pussy till Adria must beg into orgasm. Penny straddles over Adrias pussy and begins tribbing her sex-toy, enjoying all the energy she’s over this innocent woman. Adria begs her to be discharged, however, Adria isnt going everywhere. She thinks till she hears a cry for assistance from another captive from the name of Chanel 22, all hope is lost. . .Chanel provides Adria that the lowdown. Penny Pax has multiple personalities. Mrs. Pax whose good lesbian, Penny whose evil lesbian and Penelope whose young dumb woman. Chanel desires Adrias aid to manipulate Penelope when she shows herself and has been in Pennys custody for many years. Penny decides to check on Chanel and grabs her with dominance, revealing her whos boss. Chanel lays her bed, helpless until Penelope collapses on her door. Penelope questions the new woman in the home and Chanel frees her to let Adria in order that they could play with a match. Both captives to close her eyes and wield Penelope into believing their friends. Since Penelope does thus, she is grabbed by Chanel as Adria runs off, fleeing for escape!Chanel uses her power to take revenge sexually by dominating Penelope at a female fury. Penelope cries for help, but Chanel orders her to stay quiet or else Penelope is going to get in big trouble with Mrs. Pax. Chanel catches Penelopes enormous boobs and needs she spread her thighs and also to honor like the dirty slut she is. Chanel informs her legs to open so that she could lick on off the sweet taste of victory. Palms go deep interior Penelopes tight pussy making her shout. Chanel goes on demands Penelope and all fours to please her. She stuffs her face. And when Penelope doesnt mind her, Chanel will tell Mrs. Pax how bad of a girl Penelope is. Penelope licks on rubs and Chanels asshole her shaved pussy making her victor orgasm. Penelope pleads to discontinue even though is said by her pussy, but Chanel sneers, letting Penelope understand its late and her sapphic game is coming to a conclusion!

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