Double Ass Crush Gets Dicks.. –


Slave dickaEUR(tm), Miss Jasmine, is sitting on the slave’s back and telling Mistress Kandy that she will give him a test to determine if he is capable of going without oxygen. Kandy gets up from the mattress and sits down on the legs of the slave. Jasmine recommends that Kandy lie on Jasmine’s lap, so the slave can have all their weight. They decide to face-sit the slave on their bed after a brief smother. Jasmine jumps right on his head and gets him onto the bed. In see-through black lace pantsies, her ass is stunning. Kandy wears leather gloves, and DickaEUR(tm), her dick is taken into her hands. He starts to swell when she strokes the dick with her hand. The Ladies switch places. Kandy presses her plumb unders in his face, while Jasmine rubs his cock with leather gloves. Kandy sits down until he kicks for air, while the ladies notice that his dick is getting really hard. He seems to get more excited the harder he fights for air. The ladies plan to make this slave unable to breathe for even one minute. Jasmine smothers Kandy with her tits when Kandy moves away from his face. Kandy climbs onto Jasmine, and once again he gets their entire weight. As Kandy helps Kandy, Jasmine touches Kandy’s nose and mouth using her leather gloves. This is a very hot image. Jasmine reclines on the slave with her legs extended and can clearly see the Divine Pussy peeking through the fabric. He holds on better this time, and who would have Jasmine get their faces off? Then Jasmine slips up and cuts him while Kandy pinches his nose. Jasmine rides his face again and does splits. Kandy is then told by Jasmine to climb onto her lap. Jasmine and Kandy sit face-to-face, Kandy on JasmineaEUR ™, all their weight on Jasmine’s head, Jasmine saying aEURoeThis is the time theyaEUR(tm).re not going to get off.

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