Do A Good Job Or I’ll Sell You –


Pretty Princess Lily is sat on her knees by her slave bitch, licking her feet in scorching heat. She asks, “What will I allow you to worship today?” To entice her even more, she rolls on her back and pats her incredible ass. She is excited to see the slave and tells him that he must climb up her legs. He reaches the top and she holds him there, pointing out that he is soon going to be idolizing her. To show her sex, she spreads her legs out and lifts them up in the air.

She asks aEURoeWould it be a crime to sacrifice your body for my pleasure, even if you have to suffer? Quickly, the slave replies, “AEURoeyesaEUR. HeaEUR(tm),) is so desperate to worship.” AEURoeEven though I use and humiliate you, or punish you, or abuse you?aEUR Yes, that slave is willing to do whatever it takes! She warns him that aEURoeDo good work or IaEUR(tm),ll sell you. He is allowed to touch her cheeks and she tells him to put his tongue into her genitals to play with her pussy. I’m thinking of my boyfriend. Your cock is much bigger than yours. HeaEUR(tm), a man who can please me.aEUR She tells him that heaEUR ™, is an asslicker. Because she is aware of the power verbal humiliation has, she smiles because it shows her power over this weak possession that will do whatever she tells. He is told to say “aEURoeIaEUR(tm),” IaEUR(tm)m disgusting. I only exist to please you.aEUR He continues repeating each line until sheaEUR(tm).s ready for cum. Her joy enhanced by the warmth of her anus, she lets out a loud moan. She is satisfied and kicks her slave off.

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