Beautiful Brandon Areana is dressed *ill with her brand new low cut skin tight dress and heels. She walks into the room to locate her husband lounging on the couch in his shorts and a guinea tee. Around posing in sexy places hoping to lure him up to get ready for a night on the 29, brandon looks at him and begins to strut her stuff. Brandon shows off her large tits and fine ass, but he ignores her and proceeds clicking the remote. He promised to take out her and there he is glued to the sofa mesmerized by the TV. Brandon berates him he get dressed up and take her out and starts to get mad. She moves beserk cursing him out and yelling it is over between them, when he will not move. Suddenly his spouse that was mouthy is zapped with a taser and extreme & she;s outside cold on the floor. Pretty Brandon wakes up along with her elbows and wrists and her thighs jacked up in a frog tie. She has a tight crotch rope giving her a helpless camel toe and splitting her pussy in the two. Brandon rolls and struggles across the floor her tits can barely stay put in her dress. The bondage is tight and however much she rolls and wiggles, she can&intense;it loosen at all. She curses her husband even more and threatens, but he completely ignores her. Brandon flails around helplessly, but her attempts are futile. The ropes are wrapped tightly around legs, waist and her wrists rendering poor Brandon completely helpless. Untie me she demands cursing him. Brandon shocks and this time she wakes cleave gagged with thick tape. Now that she’s somewhat muffled, he will sit back and enjoy a quiet without hearing his nagging wife. He props his feet upon his beautiful wife´therefore bound body and proceeds clicking the remote and watching TV.

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