High Performance Men presents Hunter Vance and Tate Ryder in DEEP PASSIONS.

The link between Tate and Hunter was immediate when both met with each other and we knew this scene was going to become a sexy one. Both begin in bed with a few deep throat action and a sexy session which contributes to their own garments coming off. Hunter does his very best to take Tates massive cock down his throat and then he gags a bit in the procedure. Then returns the favor before putting Hunter down face as he pushes his tongue deep upward Hunters ass. Hunter loves getting his ass eaten along with the more he yells, the Tate would be to please him. Tate then palms Hunters hole for a while before forcing his cock deep. Hunter groans very loudly with each thrust and you just know that he is enjoying every second. Hunter sucks his cock deep since Tate sucks on Hunters cock and climbs along with Tate. Tate then drags Hunter into both sides of the mattress where he can drive his cock deeper and deeper until Hunter shoots a thick load of cum which Tate tastes feeds back to Hunter. Soon Tate is shooting at a load all and the two do a bit of cum swapping as they kiss passionately and out of breath from their hot sex.

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