Dayton The D.O.C. O’Connor.. –


Connor Patricks “The Pulverizer”Ht. 5’10″WT: 160lbs. Season W/L Record ( 3-0).Dayton O’Connor”,The D.O.C. “Ht. 5’9” WT. 165lbsSeason L/L record (0-22) Dayton “The D.O.C. O’Connor, who is yet to win a match but remains determined to achieve an explosive victory. The undefeated Connor Patricks is his opponent. Pulverizer is a believer that endurance is key to victory and will wear down his opponent using his vicious leg locks. The D.O.C. is the opposite. His badass attitude, and his slam-dunk fighting style will be on display to The Pulverizer. They quickly get heated and they soon become a feud between the two studs. The loser is given a sex session in which he gets his face pulled before being taken to the toilet crawling on his hands.

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