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Danny has a nice set of nuts. Perfect orbs at a smooth, loose, buttery nut sack that allows you find the fluid motion of each testicle.Hes also appearing quite slender and cut, along with the torn wife beater he was wearing when we picked him up in his hotel showed it all. Perfect pecs. “You seem much more tan than last time,” I commented. “Yeah, Ive been operating outside a lot,” he replied. “doing what?” “Building grain silos.” Wow. Midwest perfection in its finest.Next stop: Terrys resort. Terry jumped into the car. He hadnt seen Danny however and he tried not to stare at the sexy young muscular boy sitting alongside him.As an ice breaker, so we’d Danny slide off his pants, right there in the car. Terry went directly to your nuts. I knew he would. I would too.It wasnt long until they were both inside. Danny spreads his muscles Terry poured oil around him. “flaunt your entire body,” I educated softly. But I didnt need to because it was obvious Danny loves showing off.The progression of the film is interesting.Danny started off with a curious appearance. “OK, somebody is licking my asshole.” You can practically see the thought going through his head.Then it progressed and improved before Danny finally grabbed the trunk of Terrys head. “Suck it!” As his nuts slapped against Terrys chin, He arranged. Then a reversal of position along with our right boy had been tea for the very initial time!Terry was horned up from servicing Danny that instantly after Danny dropped his load to Terrys mouth, Terry taken thus far and hard which he splattered Dannys thigh…

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