Daddy Fuck –


Jack Andy and Scott DeMarco sit in ScottA’s bedroom, looking at ScottA image of Jon Galt on their cell phones. Scott is known for his affection for the Daddy and Jack surprised him by inviting Jon to play. Jack invites Jon to the bedroom and they begin kissing. Jack and Scott take turns sucking JonA’s fat daddy cock. Jon puts the two of them together on the bed, and they start sucking. Scott then turns his attention to JonA’s large, meaty sex and rubs it while Jon suckers JackA’s huge cock. ScottA’s spit gets one JonA’s holes wet. He then slides his big cock into JackA and deep fucks him while Jon continues to sucking JackA’s blood. Jon turns his back and gives JackA’s ass. ScottA then fucks JonA even more. After riding JackA’s cock, Jon lies on ScottA’s back before having Scott sexually assault him. Both Jack and Scott then take turns pointing at JonA’s sex and play with Scott’s prostrate, until Jon explodes with cum.

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