Cowgirl Saya Koda –


As head mistress of the school, I demand respect and obedience. I´ve brought bratty school girls Genesis and Vanessa to the basement and taped them up to chairs – their elbows crushed together behind the chair with silver duct tape. Hot curvy Latina Vanessa and leggy blonde Genesis is their school uniforms were caught smoking pot in the bathroom and they will remain here punished until one of the tells me who brought the marijuana into my school. Neither of the two little brats will admit it!! I add more duct tape to each of their legs and still they bicker with each other. The two coeds are still arguing amongst themselves when I remember that Vanessa´s daddy is a rich immigration lawyer. Ransom!!! What a wonderful idea. I grab Vanessa´s phone and call her daddy – she shrieks in distress and begs daddy for help. I shove a huge 3 inch ballgag between her luscious lips and the drool immediately begins to pour out. Now for you Genesis you get a 3 inch ballgag too! I leave the two bimbos sobbing into their gags and off I go to collect the ransom. Regrettably Vanessa is not a daddy´s girl – he doesn´t show up and I am XXXX to return to the abandoned basement and take care of those two. It´s too late for mercy and I take matters into my own hands pulling out a thin leather cord … I will see you in hell you two brats!!!

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