Community DinnerFisting –


Night, its the neighborhood appreciation and the guests have been treated to the humiliation of siouxsie q by her Master Jesse. She has her panties put in her mouth and removed from her. For her hubris she has earned an electrical shocking to the pussy out of UV. Soon slave sue is on the table receiving a cattle squealing like a little piggy and prodding from Master John. Eden Coxx receives a spanking new. Her mouth is offered by house servant kaos with all the simone, while some submissives get spankings and canings out of their shirts and both slaves are busy fucking and sucking male guests. Mistress UV requires this time to push a point home along with her man submissive using two wooden batons along with a cattle prod. The climax of this dinner results in Mallory Malone in a direct jackets. The end result is also an bunch of sadists and also a squirting, kicking submissive.

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