Community Dinner With James.. –


The house slaves have a habit of preventing discovery of their mistakes, which lands them in trouble. Tonight is no exception. The slaves forget to serve the guests with dinner immediately from the purchase along with the mistakes continue to roll out from that point. Orgasms are stolen, incorrect answers supplied, and lies will be advised. James Deen wasn’t there for supper, but for domination. James makes certain to keep them busy with penis worship, foot support, and amusement and has his attention on the women the time. Woe is the servant who makes James exhausted. As she has her mouth held open by Remy LaCroix along with Annika Albright, making space for James to fuck her throat, tramp accomplishes this lesson quickly. Tramp fucked in front of the guests and is thrown on the floor when she can not take it no more. While she is used by Stefanos for the guests entertainment by minding an orgasm on the primary dining table meanwhile herself humiliates. She is given the James off for punishment, he happily doles out to both the women in degradation and complete subjugation. Meanwhile, Jack Hammer along with the guests occupied themselves with rope suspensions and latex worship and Eden Alexander perform demanding and fuck more demanding.

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