Clara Beau –


Infidelity is at an all-time high and Clara Beaus antics are evidence of that. Shes abandoned her sad bag of crap boyfriend in the home while she’s her first taste of black cock. Her guy should have known something was up when she left the home with no bra and wearing a grin that’s earmarked for poor women. Claras huge tits pop out from under her top that’s followed closely by panties which have been Victorias dirtiest secret. Claras monumental jugs give a warm house to a dark rocket coming out of the wall. Her amazing tits possess that black salami gliding in between them right until her mouth becomes the next pit stop. Claras glasses almost shatter as her chin nearly slams into the wall from black penis overload. Claras tight fuck tunnel spreads pink within an anonymous black cock obliterates her nether place. This future mother of black legends has her colossal funbags shaking violently enjoy the walls surrounding her. The grand finale occurs when Claras mouth turns into a pool of dark orange pop.

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