Claire Dames Anal –


This week we have her hooters along with Claire Dames, the melon patch, aka. She approaches Jean Claude around the road with the idea of selling him a few of her poetry. She starts reading him some of it, but he doesnt reveal a whole great deal of interest. In the last one, she basically says,”Im Claire Dames, and that I would like you to fuck me in the butt” His curiosity really picks up! Soon they’re back in her place, she brings out bares her bum, those big funbags, along with the activity begins to really heat up. Obviously theres pussy-pounding, but things, also lots of throatfucking turn into the side. He lines up his god to get a direct shot directly up her pooper that was pretty, after he offers her asshole a good licking! Then its asshole plundering time, with a great deal of candy ass-2-mouth thrown in for good measure. Then after leaving her asshole in gape condition that is complete, he kneels down her and then blasts her face with his dick gravy. His lust knows no bounds, and his initial shots are so intense, they land on the leather sofa behind her. Being the true cum slut she is, she moves down and licks it up!

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