Cute redhead want be kitty burglar Penny Stone contacted me on a heist she needed my experience and wanted to score. We input the home tip toeing within our black shiny PVC catsuits along with the item that is idiotic immediately heads for the safe in the bedroom. I hate these up and coming know it alls. Wait missy!!!! You will want to disarm the alarm system – it´s generally found in the garage. Into the garage we go and Penny heads for the machine panel box. I apply a taser shock and then creep up behind her. Severe & the bitch;s entire body jerks and sways down and down she goes slumped into a heap on the floor. I pick up her and her head is bobbing along with her large eyes are crossed. Up against the wall you go Penny. I quickly bind her elbows with her back beating them. Penny balks and that I remind her from this jolt she just got and she decides to become compliant. I put in a black electrical tape around and so she is and rope up her wrists ´t select the knots. I start to interrogate her to give up the mixture to the safe. Penny won’t cooperate no matter I scatter her! You don&acute Well you’ll be silenced. I push a rag intensely and then include a great cleave gag. Awwww severe & which doesn;t seem mean overlook clever ass. Until the drool starts running down her brow!!! I wrap layers of the electric tape around and That you go!!! This broad is obstinate and I am determined to make her crack. I XXXX her right into a crouch and add a tight crotch rope. I attach her heel boots and the rope together rendering poor protege Penny unable to stand. I maintain the taser close and she gives up one more number . OK you young brat – severe & I;t had enough. I lower down a chain and fasten the hook to acute & Penny . I jack it up XXXX the cat burglar. The bad thing can´t maintain her balance and she falls down onto her knees!! Did that hurt little fucking want be kitty burglar – how about some more shock therapy??? I yank on the chain up again till she is back crouched back on her heels and that she falls again – painfully down on her knees and difficult. Let&severe;s jack your shoulders up yet another notch or two Poor Penny jerks in her bondage and that I leave her to endure until she’s prepared to show the combination!!!

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