Candi Summers –


Sweet little blonde Candi is a little nervous if she gets from her car in a”sketchy” looking neighborhood. She wouldnt except she is trying to find a job at a Daycare center that is supposed to be somewhere around here get near a place like this. She finds herself in a much worse situation, and accidently walks past an alley where 3 black dudes are dangling while searching. They determine that she needs to daycare their black meatpoles, and Candi is nude on her knees getting her face fucked by huge black dicks, before she knows it! Because Candi gets her pussy filled this evolves into a hot 3 on 1 and her skull fucked by these 3 big black whoppers. Candi didnt understand dicks this dimension existed, except for horses, and she couldnt think what it felt just like getting her pussy stretched to the size of a 3 car garage! Her kneels down, and force feed her their sticky loads when she feels like she can bear no more of this! Now daycare is needed by her pussy!

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