Buzzing Clits –


Brodie Ramirez is currently walking about, lost in an unfamiliar area, looking for a celebration. 1 wrong turn sends him walking down a dead-end street where Sebastian Keys and Dominic Pacifico are already waiting, eager to tie up an unsuspecting guy right there in the street and border his prick. Brodie gets a terrible feeling and attempts to run off as Dominic and Sebastian approach Brodie at the alley, but hes caught while Sebastian ties him up with 37, by Dominic who retains Brodie. Dominic holds his hand across Brodies mouth to muffle the screams while Sebastian cuts Brodies top away and pulls on his pants down revealing his already hard cock through his panties. Dominic squats down and sebastian cuts off the underwear and starts sucking at Brodies cock. Sebastian wraps a rope around Brodies balls and cock and then ties the opposite end of the rope into the wall which makes Brodies cock more challenging. Sebastian starts off with a flesh-light becoming him close to cumming but Sebastian and wont allow him jerking on Brodie. In the next picture, Brodie is tied with legs spread apart and gagged wearing the boots around his back with rope but this time. They smack his prick against his ass and play. They suck and lick and concurrently shoot Brodies socks and boots off his toes while they jerk his penis and finger his asshole. After that they encircle him giggle and squirm. Clothespins are applied by them . While Dominic jerks his cock allowing cum this time sebastian pulls Brodies balls plus Brodie shoots his load all. Dominic feeds him and scoops it all up and they both just leave him there tied up, naked.

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