Brooklyn Rose –


The shit almost hits the fan when Brooklyn Roses daddy receives the phone call of all phone calls. A nosy neighbor has phoned Mr.Rose informing him that his son has been seen linking with a black man. Brooklyn and isiah are headed back to some place where they think theyll have privacy. Wrong. Mr.Rose walks in on his daughter sucking on Isiahs large black cock in his or her kitchen. You see, ever since her sister was caught by him using a man hes been hooked to interracial porn. Mr.Rose turns right into Mr.Creepy by having a front row seat to his adult girl getting down and dirty with black cock. Its way slithers into her pussy as her dad watches. In actuality, he yanks out his cock and goes into city. And the older fuck cheers her on. Wow! There isnt much more to say except that: Weve shot porn up to another level.

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