Broken Blonde Part 2 –


A gorgeous blonde like Rain DeGrey could be seen in every town in the united states, so what makes this one special? Well, to start with, she is one of the most intense bondage fans you watch. Canes, whips , clothes pins, clamps, and whatever else you may think of. Sure, she cries a bit when we put dozens of clothing pins all over her face, but if she is in that type of pain she is one step closer to cumming. And remember when we said we attracted Rain back since she was a bondage slut? We asked her to grade the portion of her latest feed she informed us on a scale of 1 to 10 it arrived at a strong eleven and before we proceeded on. The only problem is that she made the error of telling us that she was referring to the fun she was having, not the level of the shoot. When we asked her what she wanted, guy, she had a list that will make the naughtiest Santa in the world blush. She wants to be tickled. She would like to suck any dick. Defeated, flogged, also she wishes to become frozen. Well, far be it for us to earn a greedy slut go without whatever makes her tick. it ' s insidious, it ' s not quite a suspension we have her strung up, however, take a moment and you ' ll see. Rain's arms her wrists are holding up her, and the only method involves standing on a few thin heels. Ashley Lane, our decoration version, is currently standing next to her in precisely exactly the exact same predicament. They could stand “easily ” on their toes for so long as they stay . After they begin dancing around to prevent floggers the canes or fingers coming their way then they are going to get to maintain themselves up from the wrists. When it is time to allow them to cum we don't even give kindness to them. Both women are pulled up with their legs spread open and vibrated until they could 't shoot anymore.

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