Bottomless Mimosa Part 3 –


In the third and last portion of Mimosa'feed lives, this bad woman is in for the shock of her own life. Our handlers possess Mimosa shackled face down her face covered in a combination of makeup and tears. She seems absolutely exhausted from being abused and used the way she has been so far on our series. And what's worse is we can't allow her complete today, we’ve got a few more items on the schedule for her show.First we’ve got her on her kneesand bent over with her ass exposed and up. We get her ass ready plugs although by taking a metal and moving them in and out slowly, then. London River takes a metallic dildo having a cord coming out the back of it and then slides it gradually into Mimosa ' s buttocks, once it ' s ready. Subsequently she and O.T. reverse the switch. Suddenly wave after wave of electricity is currently coursing throughout her body and she is currently shaking with all the pain of it all. They see her squirm and shriek for just a small while and then have mercy and flip the apparatus off.Then our handlers flip Mimosa over on her back and apply rope to spread her thighs wide. They decide it s time, after taking turns for some when caning her ass. Matt Williams presses it up against her clit, also requires the hitachi, our most powerful handheld vibrator. He then starts fucking her wet pussy and takes a dildo. She lets out enthusiastic but exhausted moans as she’s carried into orgasm over and over again by the absolute power of the hitachi.

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