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Scarlett Sage is being tutored by her instructor Eva LoviaScarlett can’t grasp the psychology concept and begins about failing her session fretting. She calls a friend requesting any advice on how best to get her through her plight and is told to undergo her teachers laptop which is a really risky notion but Eva receives a telephone call, walks out of the table so Scarlett takes this opportunity to undergo Evas private files. When she first sees her teachers key life eyes stare in shock. Eva comes back to the table whether Scarlett took some time to study while she was out on her mobile phone asking. Scarlett has a enormous smile on her face and says she has not. Eva is frustrated and decides this isnt exercising when her student wont place the effort and time into her research. Scarlett reveals her instructor when she doesnt help her move her class and what she discovered online, she will reveal Evas dirty little secret. . .Scarlett takes Evas bra off and begins licking her instructors perky boobs. Evas nipples detach from Scarletts tongue’s touch. Scarlett throws Eva on the desk and spreads her legs licking her tender pussy lips till she yells in anal bliss. Eva rubs her hands over her lips and enhances the favor with intense deliverance and spits on Scarletts pussy. Scarlett straddles lesbian fans reaping in euphoric climax and Eva because they grind their pussies.

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