Black, Red and White all over –


Back this week for more insanity is a fire in his trousers and really a cutie using a dick that is thick. Steven Ponce is back with us later having made the impression last week after he had the sad misfortune of being at the mercy of 2 additional hung top boys who were happy to use him just as a pair of Chinese handcuffs (two dickstwo holes–no more waiting). Look it up. Steven took both cocks like a champ and managed to keep both starving shirts over satisfied. Steven is now 25 and calls Fort Lauderdale. He loves the weather down as well as the boys. He doesnt have a group kind but likes men that take good care of themselves and dont take themselves too badly. Over-run with model forms in South Florida its nice to come across ones with their own egos in check. Steven is back to reveal more of his ability act. He’s this gift of creating things that are big vanish –tadah! Is really a thick 8 hot tube steak belonging to Scott Anderson. One look in the Nubian fuck-god, and you understand Stevens gonna have his assho–err HANDS! . . .his hands full. Oops. Every inch of his smooth frame enables you to wonder which portions melt in your mouth. . .you know! Just one way to find out.At work in his desk it seems Stevens going to have a break of this conjugal type. Scott walks and their conversation goes from amounts to inventory seemingly as they start stripping each other down secured at a singing session. Steven sees the tent in Scotts briefs and pulls them down to investigate as their pants return. His thick cock springs free. Its hard as a stone but with the perfect motivation it may get bigger. Steven cant resist the impulse and immediately bends down to consume his meat. True to form, that cock goes buh-bye as his thick balls match Stevens chin. Scott strokes his penis because his foreskin runs his spit knob, He slaps Stevens tongue teasing out Latin buff. Because he starts to suck on Stevens cock, he then kneels to have a taste of the Caribbean. As Scott reveals him exactly what he can do on his meat steven yells his admiration. Even though hes down there, Scott turns Steven about, spreading his cheeks before sampling a taste of the beefy ass hes itchin. As Scott pushes his tongue deep within him ready for the thick baby maker that’s soon to follow, stevens eyes roll . Stevens hole is spit-lubed and prepared. Scotts magnum-sized penis straddles because he lowers himself afternoon delight. As the intruder gets its way indoors, his smooth ass begins to surrender. Steven is groaning and it isnt long before he moves from a trot into a gallop riding Scotts cock. DAMN! As Stevens ass works its magic scott watches. Steven, whos been pushing Scott reverse cowgirl, puts his feet up and leans back. Steven uses his feet as grip, extending his 56 frame that is streamlined up and down to the 63 chocolate jungle club. Steven allows Scott do the work and goes straight back into kicking on his dick. He retains his waist, impaling his ass. Stevens ass is in paradise as Scott pummeled it. Steven within the desk bends before slamming his dick back in again. Steven is currently moaning and stroking his own boner and it will be long before this fuck session will take its own toll. Steven backs on this dick like a professional and since they get nearer, Scott puts him back. He re-enters that ass and fucks him heavy. A load from his balls a-cummin and he aint intending to stop. He pounds Steven so hard that he (literally) fucks the cum from him, sending volley after volley of cum anywhere. Scott isnt much behind as he unloads all over Stevens fire crotch.

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