Big breasted Alyssa Lynn.. –


Alyssa Lynn is really a joy. Her breasts and keen holes have been unstoppable. The big blue eyes. Those blow job lips. The real love of the sex. We’re definitely going to have fun now. Time to put this MILF throughout her paces as just Sexuallybroken can.We start off by binding our toy in a bolero straightjacket from the stockroom that exposes her massive breasts in a perfect display. The straightjacket keeps her bound but leaves her holes vulnerable. Because we see fit, we can reverse her around. The bondage is amazing in its simplicity and efficacy. Time to drill her down. Two hard cocks measure until the plate.Alyssa takes each inch without a whimper. The facefucking is with no mercy but she adores it and places her throat that is gifted to utilize. And all the while another cock is taking her pussy. Alyssa is spit roasted into a mess. We toss her around to get the perfect angle, then impaling her on the penis as she moans in appreciation.We not stop until we’ve had our fill. Alyssa was fucked dazed and limp. She has that excellent Sexuallybroken look. That appearance is the reason why we do what we are doing. Until next time my beloved…

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