Beautiful Tuk Solo Action! –


Leather Bitch Mistress Lexi reveals this pitiful cuckold what humiliation and domination actually mean, fucking his wife, Mistress Jenni, in front of him and satisfying with her in ways he could – all while Lexi requests him to beg her to fuck Jenni and thank her personally for doing so! As though this was not embarrassing enough, Lexi requests him to kiss her buttocks while she’s fucking Jenni, then uses him like a human mattress, with her dildo straight on his face!The Mistresses put him back into his cage and continue fucking on the cage, making him look on as Lexi enjoys the tits and pussy of his spouse. But the Mistresses have more embarrassment in store for him, since Lexi orders him back from the cage to clean his own wifes pussy juices out of her dildo! Lexi coldly mocks him”How can your wifes sweet pussy flavor on my cock” because Jenni tells him he will never have her pussy again.

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