Beautiful Fon Makes Her Debut! –


Nyxon and I are insurance investigators. Notably fraud insurance investigators. In the last two years Elis Ataxxx made three promises and got paid each . His claims say that he&extreme;s ambushed by an intruder who ties him up and robs him. When Elis makes a fourth claim that the insurance carrier is very suspicious and doubtful and they send Nyxon and me personally to inquire. When we arrive we trick toe in and listen to Elis on the telephone number about getting on his insurance provider. He tells his friend that he really loves getting tied up therefore the scam is a win-win for him. We face the scrawny little scam artist telling him we understand exactly what &intense;s happening and that we’re about to him. Elis needs to let’s hook him up and gag the fuck from him or we will submit an insurance fraud record. From nowhere I media a rag on his face and once he&intense;s limp and woozey we double team the boy laying lots of rope . Nyxon binds his legs together and I smash his arms behind his rear cinching the elbows together painfully. I sit him up and catch a huge rag stuffing it in his mouth then wrap his face layers of thick duct tape. I tie his big feet with thin twine. Next comes his balls and finally I hogtie him back to toes. Poor helpless Elis struggles and grunts in his gag however there&intense;s nothing he can do but roll out of this carpet. I grab my moist cloth and utilize it all of Nyxon then quickly tie up her until she awakens. I Cable tie her the same as I did to Elis and notify her she´s part of his insurance fraud. I´ll be the boss today. I leave both tightly toe jumped in hogties gagged and struggling on the floor while off I go to rob his location to get real.

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