Beat the Brat 2 –


This shoot is titled Conquer on The Brat since Penny Barber spent so long telling Cyd Black for being willful and defiant, she is. If Cyd straps down her she believes it’s going to be at. She doesn’t understand what to think, when Cyd starts pumping her up tits. And when Cyd chooses the whip into her pussy she believes:”ANYTHING BUT THAT! “She goes right back to siphoned off the second Cyd shows just a little mercy, but that is ok, it gives Cyd another opportunity to break her down. This moment he allows the cane and bends her over do the job. She is sniffling and yelling in no time until she’s dropped in line, but Cyd does not stop. Her entire ass could be tender and swollen, where Cyd will do the most damage, but her self is.

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