Basking In The Afterglow –


Darcie Dolce is smitten with Maddy OReilly and overlooks her lover very much. Basking in the afterglow of a night, she awakens in bed and starts to stroke her pussy. She pulls her bra off and fantasizes in their explicit encounter, stuffed to the brim with longing. The women have just arrived home from their date and they are ravenous for one another. Maddy pulls down the surface of Darcies dress and exposes her enormous breasts. Darcie pulls the bottom of Maddys dress up. She slides her hands inside her wet slit and grabs her booty. Kisses Maddys and lets her ride her tongue. Maddy sucks the cum from her clit and drops between Darcies legs. Because it is rimmed by her her tight ass shakes for Maddy. Subsequently Darcie lies on top of Maddy and the lesbians cum collectively in 69. Its no wonder Darcies at a sidewalk of bliss and stop masturbating!

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