Backstage with Candy –


Models bring out the finest in photographers, and Zafira is one of these. I have never seen a design of herand believe me, I saw lots of Zafira until I wrote this newsletter, even when I was working as a magazine editor. Zafira gets curvy body and the face of those movie goddesses who enraptured me as I’ve written elsewhere and millions of impressionable lads back at the 1960s. A beautiful smile, firm 36B tits, soft green bedroom eyes, and size seven feet. . .this is a recipe for complete slavery!Who could withstand getting back on his knees to kiss the feet of Miss Zafira in those beautiful sneakers, then OUT of those. . .as Zafira smilingly presents her bottoms to us in closeups! Yes, the photography of DDF Productions DELIVERS!Do you like tease-and-denial, although a lady shows off her attractiveness but doesn’t let you touch her fuck and lick at her? That is the situation that went in my head as I saw Zafira within this new pictorial. I guessed her flexing her toes, showing her pussy to me during the tights, and sniffing her own sneakers as she’s in some of those shots pleasuring herself with a glass dildo. I watched her use her feet to set the dildo inside her mouth. . .then I analyzed her bottoms as she masturbated herself far over. . .then that I hungered to kiss her soles since she pulled it. . .and then I squirted shamelessly in my underwear as she told me when I was a good boy and kissed her toes, I would someday suck them! Ohmigosh, it was when I had been a creamy mess which I realized it was a dream, and not a truth. . .that Zafira did not really talk to me. . .but as most of us know, a fantastic model can make a dream SEEM like fact! Better than reality!

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