Back In The Saddle –


Marcus London hurries into the Nuru Massage having a wounded arm in desperation to have masseuse Ember Snow mend his pain. Ember counsels him that her massage abilities are not for all those but she’ll do her. Marcus is undressed by ember but he cant conceal his massive hard on from looking in Embers boobs and pussy. She escorts him to the shower and then gently rubs his spine, chest and teases his hard-on together along with her palms. She moves on her knees , and begins sucking on his cock and balls with deep appetite. Marcus sits down and rides his hard cock, eager to fill her pussy. She continues by jerking his hard cock, pleasing him and subsequently leads Marcus towards the tub. Marcus returns the favor by licking at her pussy. Marcus lays back on the Nuru bed as Ember uses gel up and down, massaging with her boobs. Marcus turns, getting a view of Embers body because she fills her mouth and deep throats his cock. Ember screams with ecstasy as he drops her tight pussy, making her scream and rides his hard cock. She licks his sexy jizz on her pussy lips, and begs for her hole to be full of his erection until he could no longer contain his orgasm.

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