Arrogant techie dominated &.. –


Derek Scott attempted to evict Sebastian Keys, however, Sebastian had something else in my mind. After edging, Derek remains suspended and hogtied from the fuck den of Sebastian now. Back in the office of Derek, a resentful Christian Wilde becomes dispatched to find his rival colleague — that same Derek Scott who stole Christian’s marketing. He gets some twisted thoughts of their own, as Christian finds the scene from Sebastian’s flat. Derek awakens to Christian, giving a rimjob that is sloppy and cock. Swings Derek with his balls. Christian next allows although blindfolded and bound, and delivers a brutal flogging persists his toes to stay on . The field work isn’t complete without an assessment of the power grid of their apartment, therefore Christian has Derek test an electro buttplug and stimulation electrodes. Before blowing his load all satisfied with the tests, Christian gets back to a fucking. Derek gracious begs to get his own orgasm, and accepts Christian’s cum. Christian obliges, and Derek gets his launch. As Christian manhandles Derek’s sensitive penis head and balls the misery hasn’t stopped, however.

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