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Daisy Ducati is. She likes to be chained to alley ways, not mowed over. Daisy Ducati is a ferocious female being. You must admire her. There are a number of ways one can show their respect for a woman. I decide to push against . Challenge her. I ask Daisy to chase following the things I deem significant. I teach her exactly what to do. This struggles Daisy, as she doesn't want to be informed what to do. Ultimately Daisy submits. She awakens into the chance even if that looks different that she had intended to. Daisy is used for being a regulated, confidant young girl, who is”milking her childhood like a swollen prostate” However, here, we locate Daisy uncontrolled. She discovers new corners within her psyche. We witness a feeling of anxiety to Daisy battle, of annoyance and of discomfort. With a girl such as Daisy, be ready to push on her or just what the hell is the point?

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