Annie Cruz cums while she.. –


Annie Cruz returns for season 15 in a strong streak. SheA is known for her cumming, but that may soon be history. SheA has some wrestling experience and is a true Asian badass. SheA will be taking on the greatest wrestlers to ever grace the surrender mats. Lux Lives, a 6A-1 and 165 lb woman is an amazon god. To improve her skills, she has been working with Daisy Ducati. Lux’s strength and size allows her to dominate the smaller Asian, but Annie Cruz fights back and puts the Amazon in serious trouble. It is an exciting match. Speed vs. Size Speed. Each girl gets her fingers in their opponent’s faces. One girl takes her opponent’s face. The match ends with the girl scoring the most points via Finger, relunctant Kissing, Face sitting, Scissoring and breast fondling. The loser is dragged into the locker room by the winner, who ties her in rope bondage using a chest harness and crotch rope. She then straps on her fucks until she rebels. The loser is picked up by the winner and slapped until her genitals are hot and pink. The winner takes the prize through the face of her loser once she has decided that the loser is too tortured with orgasms. After riding the loser’s face till she has had enough, the winner leaves the room to let the others take turns. It is unscripted, competitive wrestling without any weight classes. Absolute brutal sexual domination on and off the mats

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