Anikka Albrite –


Let us face it, you’ve been on the road too much recently, but it is demanded by your work. You know Anikka, your wife, has been a little frustrated recently. . .but you haven’t had time to think about it. Along with while you are home, well the times you do manage to look closely at her. . .the sex is becoming a little boring. Everything you did not expect is the next move of Anikka. Let us call is”Anikka’s Surprise”. While you’re far away on another business trip making cash for your loved ones, your spouse took your family camcorder and put it on a tripod. She pushed record. What starts out as a teaser video to you as a present when you return turns into something you are not sure you can manage. . .but you see. A man was encouraged by anikka’s into your bedroomand she’s planning to fuck him. She do things with him she would never do with you personally. As an instance, she takes him . After it is all said and done, your head is spinning. Time to get a divorce? Or have her invite more guys in next time? . . .read more

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