Anal Criminal Minds –


Ariel X, a professional interrogation officer. Ariel X has been called in to obtain a confession from Leya Falcon. Ariel will be proving that Leya Falcon committed a grave crime. There are many circumstantial proofs. Ariel uses Leya’s disturbed nature to her advantage. Ariel knows that Leya will confess if she makes her feel comfortable. Ariel is aware that Leya loves Anal Sex, so Ariel rubs Leya’s genitals to make her feel more at ease. Ariel stretches LeyaA’s asshole with her fingers. LeyaA gets her asshole stuffed full of fingers, tongues, and an entire fist. Ariel digs deep into LeyaA’s asshole. She hits LeyaAA’s G spot, and Leya cums endlessly. Ariel discovers that Leya likes things deeper into her thigh so she slips a 2 foot long slide into LeyaAA’s groin. Ariel is not close enough for Leya to confess. SheA’s going all out to get everything and will make Ariel really do soul-searching. Ariel seems to be becoming a pervert. Ariel soon finds herself performing perverse things to please Leya. Ariel is a huge strap-on cock who fucks Leya to the point that sheA’s in a stupor. Ariel X places her juicy, round sex right in front of LeyaAA’s nose. Leya is forced to lick her sock. Leya seems to have no way of understanding. SheA is too crazy to be tamed. Ariel must get LeyaA’s mouth open so that she can get answers from her. Ariel opens Leya’s asshole with a speculum and begins to discover who Leya Falcon truly is.

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