Ana Foxxx is Machine Fucked,.. –


The lovely and alluring Ana Foxxx is back and hotter than ever. The day begins with Ana perched up high with her thighs spread and controlled with leather straps to the steel framework. We dusted off Omega, the fucking system, also placed in inside of the pussy. Now its mounted theres just 1 thing left to do, thus we turn it on and begin fucking this sexy bitch. The scene is brutal nipple torment and nonstop machine fucking. Next we have Ana Face down, but forced to hold up her head to prevent her from penetrating. Her feet and hands are kept in place by steel shackles that are mounted into the ground to make her completely helpless. The Pope enters and starts to harvest her feet, and then proceeds to the remainder of her physique. He sneaks off and returns with a blindfold to up the ante of their brain fuck he’s administering. The zapper provides a sadistic signature to the fucked up game he’s playing Ana. Panic has taken over Anas body and mind and The Pope takes complete benefit of this to torment her longer. In the final scene Ana is about her back onto a wooden dining table and hauled with steel shackles. Flogging begins and the room is filled with her screams, but that only motivates him to continue. To finish Ana off, The Pope fucks her then adds a vibe to tease her for a while before he makes her cum .

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