Spot a young busty girl running in to my vehicle and I begin to pull from my driveway. Ma&severe;severe, am I &;m will you tell me the way to reach Main Street missing? I feel that an arm wrap around my neck and my face covered with a cloth, before I can open up my mouth. Darkness consumes me and I move out. The next thing I know I wake up tied up on my bed with 2 young women snooping around my area. I pretend I´theres out cold and having a single eye opinion the brunette open my drawers and make an attempt in my ballgag. While she’s busy checking herself out in the mirror, then I struggle to loosen up the bondage and am able to untie myself. I grab the dumb bimbo from behind and if she struggles, I put her and apply the wet rag to make her go limp. So that she can, I drag her entire body and quickly cross and tie her legs &extreme. I roll up over her limp body and tie her elbows cinching them closely. I put in her pussy in two splitting . I smack her about to wake her up and complete off this one in a wonderful hogtie. Poor Natasha sobs underneath her gag crying like a baby. Guess you two dumb things tried to commemorate the lady that was wrong. I XXXX Natasha to shout out to her friend for help while I hide from view. Genesis runs in shocked and perplexed and tries to untie her buddy. I overpower Genesis and leap up from behind – down she goes limp and out. I tie her up ankles, wrists and elbows then confront smack her. Open broad girlie as I push a enormous rag intensely into her huge mouth securing it in using silver duct 25, I tell the ringleader. Once the two are tied up I begin to bully and tease with abuse. Awwww you helpless idiotic hoodlums – believed you score You two picked the wrong woman to mess with. I put their bodies in a hot 69 location with their faces pushed upward from every other&extreme;therefore pussy. I laugh and call my husband to tell him when he gets home!! that two surprises will be waiting from him

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