Alex Harper, Pretty Pale and.. –


Bound on a square table that was black using skin as white as snow, Alex Harper is put with a between her lips on her back. Her wrists are tied over her mind to the desk with rope. Wrapped around the end of her legs are a few loops of rope binding her legs together and into the ceiling making her look like a hot backward”L”. Mogul flogs and fingers her asshole her ass and pussy then brings an range of toys of varied material. First a very clear glass butt-plug is slowly inserted into her tight hole, letting us view inside and appearing quite (as James puts it) lascivious. Next a inflatable latex plug is added to James pumps and her asshole in certain air and tugs on what looks like a black rubber tail. Following the inflatable, a metal toy is popped into and out easily. While Mogul applies clamps for her pink nipples tommy Pistol enters the scene and enters her buttocks for the grande finale and pounds her hole. In a standing position Alex begins in the scene, her deliciously perky pale tits are tightly bound with rope. Together with her hands James helps Alex to her knees as well as the nipple clamps are implemented again. Tommy teaches her to suck his cock and his orders are followed by her . Excellent whores get rewards therefore a vibrator becomes pressed on her clit while James sticks his thumb up her pussy and moves on her G-Spot sending her to an orgasmic frenzy, screaming with a mouth full of Tommys cock. In the scene, Alex is naked on her back with her ass in the air, bound buttocks already gaping, in a pile-driver place. James whips her pussy using switches and a squirt to some vibrator, going forth and back and makes her cum. Tommy fucks her cunt, pounding on it while James plants such as a jack-hammer the bottoms of her toes. Tommy then fucks her asshole and cleans off his dick on her mouth. In our final scene, Alex is about her. With one leg frog-tied and another leg Tommy fucks ass and her tight pussy until he cums, blowing his load all over her pretty face.

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