Aika May wrapped in plastic –


This sexy girl is a fun-loving, talkative and adventurous type who is starting out with her first adult experience on FTV. With a wonderful view on life and sexuality, she isnt very shy at all about exposing her sexy figure for all of us to see! We meet her at a park, where she is wearing a cute hippie-like dress and sandals, giving us upskirt panty views and talking about how much shes enjoying what shes doing on camera. Shes a yoga expert, which means that shes very flexible, and fingers herself on the park bench with her legs spread wide! Dancing, twirling, and having fun outside, we then watch her have breakfast with a nipple exposed… Then she goes home to use the Magic Wand Toy to two orgasms with visible vaginal contractions. She can have many orgasms at a time, and loves doing it as much as she can… we then get extreme closeups of her pretty private parts, as well as her stretching her long labia. We get to enjoy that amazing butt, while she spreads, then fingers herself anally for the first time. Pulling out the bottled drink she had for breakfast, she penetrates herself with it, going deep past the wide neck! You can see deep inside her when she is stretched out with the bottle, and its hot to watch her ride it. She had done ballet since she was young, and shows off her dancing skills to music, with some really amazing dancing and exposition of her flexibility. It turns sensual with fingering, a dildo blowjob, then with a hard, sexy ride on a thick dildo, taking it to the base… especially when shes fucking it while doing the splits!! She wants to orgasm, so she uses the magic wand toy while riding the dildo, and ends up cumming while on top. Later in the day, we see her in her sexiest form, with a white coat, sexy tan heels, and barely anything underneath! She visits a resort, giving us more sexy views, then going to the nearby golf course to do cartwheels and acrobatics, while the golfers go by… and she really knows how to move! Then its a sporty theme, tight shorts showing off her perfect butt, while she jogs about topless on a street! She ends up doing splits on the middle of the street, then fingers herself again. She seems to be wet and juicy inside no matter when she fingers herself! At home she has her first experience with the Vibraking Toy, ending up with a very strong orgasm and some super strong vaginal contractions… After spreading and gaping some more, we get to see her get all sexy on the bed with only black heels on, then take them off giving her heel a blowjob, then penetrating herself with the black heel. It leads to a sexy foot fetish session, and with her flexibility she can give a blowjob on her toes! We also enjoy her beautiful breasts, perfect nipples as she massages them hard, and tugs on her nipples. Her light pubic hair gets some play too, as she tugs on it in closeups. After doing another sexy dance in the nude, she gets kinky with a banana, fucking herself with it, then pushing herself to the extreme with the FTV Monster Toy! The huge dildo goes in deep, and fills her up so wide its almost unreal to watch. First missionary, then riding on top, she grinds down on it as far as it can possibly go. A beautiful, natural blonde, gifted with a perfect body, and an incredibly firm round butt, has her total First Time Experience on FTV, becoming a wonderful addition to the site 🙂

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