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Dee Williams wrapped the Greatest Gift Given days ago. It was a redheaded submissive. A red-headed hoe. Violet giggles at nerves. Dee sneaks into Violet’s home on Christmas so she can give her what she wants. Dee will give Violet some Spankings, Gapes, and Anal. She will also put her thumb into the chapped Butthole. It’s an evening to be thankful and the girls do anal until they can’t keep their eyes open. Violet Monroe has been wrapped in rope bondage by Dee Williams. Dee enters the Christmas home, and immediately starts to lick Violet’s wet meaty asshole. Violet has been patiently waiting to meet Dee. She placed a butt-plug in her asshole so it would open wide once we remove the plug. Dee sniffs her submissiveAs sexy. Dee snorts and pops her toy into VioletA’s sex, making Violeta wink and gape. Violet is not afraid to push her limits for all butt fans. Quadruple is her favorite anal. When the toys are brought out, she’s already stuffed to her britches. Dee’s submissive Violet sits on Dee’s face, making Violet smile and lick her sexy as she pampers Violet with her juicy asshole. DeeA is stuffedA’s sock with a toy. DeeA wraps tightly around the toy and wraps it in tight. DeeA sexily slobbers over VioletA’s head again and again. Dee displays the most ferocious cock she’s ever seen, and she fists Violets tender sex. The girls turn over, flipping their pink meat holes and giving each other a very Anal CHRISTMAS.

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