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Angel Allwood always thought the great life would be sweet. No longer tied to her life as an assassin for hire, so retire into a life of leisure and ” she decided to get married to a man that was rich. Little did she know that nothing is as perfect as it appears. The best dream that is blight on Angels is her husbands 18 year old daughter Chloe Cherry. She’s entitled, sassy, spoiled, and lives at home. And, if there is 1 thing which Chloe cant stand it is being told exactly what to do with her own step-mom that is slutty. The easiest of requests for Chloe not to wear her ear telephones in the home gets spit back to Angels confront from Chloes bitchy mouth. Chloe understands that there is nothing because she will remain perfect that is daddys little 21, Angel can do about it. Shitty days seem to get worse, and Angels afternoon has only just begun. After the spat with her bratty step-daughter that the doorbell rings and her assassin boss explodes through the door and back to Angels life. She begs him to leave her new household alone and to honor her decision to get from”the game.” However, John Powerful doesnt play with these types of principles and with a hand of his throat that he reminds Angel that there is not any”getting out” In a desperate attempt to dissuade him from causing injury to her family she follows his directions. He handcuffs her wrists to keep her restrained and gets her strip. Jamming his stiff cock down her throat, she pleads with him to stop, but he makes repeatedly her gag. Tired of her talking shut and begins to fuck her little pink pussy and her asshole forth and back with reckless abandon. After John has had his fill he makes his cock cleans off and finds step-daughter Chloe cluelessly lounging outside in sunlight. His desire fast climbs and he informs Angel that he is going to teach Chloe some respect. He frees Angel and carries Chloe. Chloe immediately realizes that she is out of control because John tackles her to the ground, strips off her tight, then scrubs her mouth . John instructs the bitch the way to deep-throat also thrusts his huge pole into her mouth, before she can catch her breath. Then he examines Chloes small cunt and her pristine asshole to see whether she’s as pleasurable as her step-mom. To prevent the neighbors from hearing the sound of their screams he stuffs his mouths with huge red ball gags, and joins them up in tight rope bondage drags them to the cellar, therefore he could further subject his unwilling captives. First order must be set up, and he has Angel instruct her step-daughter Eyeline, Honorific the rules of entry, and Deportment. The girls quickly learn their location and cower in their dominant and stern man’s toes. John places his whore submissives after punishing the white skin of his own slaves with a leather flogger and hot wax. They beg their grasp to shower their useless whore holes with a hot load of his cum. John causes them to suck each other clean and subsequently shoots at a enormous wad all over their faces. Submissive slut Chloe Cherry and her Angel Allwood get tied up in rope bondage, ass. And find out the principles of discipline!!

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