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Before we even saw that thick uncut 9 slab of dick at all its glory during Richards debut here at ExtraBigDicks.com a few weeks ago, we knew his lost his cherry in a bisexual 3 manner and he has firsthand knowledge that his dads cock measures in double digits. We knew this sexual savant was in a brand new relationship with none besides Angel, which lithe, sexy serving of joy with an impressive eight inches of his own. Between the two of them, they’re wearing half and nearly a foot pure appreciate muscles, and we could not wait to see them in activity. The lustful gaze they provide each other is much more obvious in the manner in which they kiss – they use their tongues with passion and passion that they eventually become bona fide organs within their own right. Within the first 20 seconds, Richard already has Angels top off and is opening his tight jeans. Inside of a moment later, Angel gets Richard naked, stone hard and all nine inches of Richards meat down his throat. Richards hand stays firmly on the rear of Angels head, and Angels half-open jeans let those gorgeous snowy white bum cheeks to make their way into where the activity is headed.Even for an accomplished cock-smith such as our Angel, or Richards Angel as the situation clearly today is, Richards nine inches are examining the limits of Angels skills – judging by the particular colour of crimson Angels face turns as he struggles to inhale every inch. If it comes to oral Richard considers in talk and share alike, since he hauls up Angel and gives his rod some attention prior to standing on the seat and offering his prick to Angels again. Reaching down and pulling on Angel to his toes, those hard poles sword struggle as they go for another round of kissing before Richard tosses Angel on the mattress. As if pulled from a few extra planetary pressure, Richards tongue finds its way deeply. A thorough probing assisted as he moves 27, backing up, although he doesnt only provide that ass a oral over. Because his nine inches will be throbbing hard, angel will need every toaster pass of Richards tongue. And most of us know where bloated fuckstick is definitely about next.First increasing his lover to his knees, Richard brings Angels penis to give it a few sucks of its before holding it in place. With one expert twist of his tongue, Richard can lick from the mind of Angels penis, then pass the pit on the underside, go up on his balls, and finally dart in his pit before returning . Richard also manages to open and wear a condom and lube his penis, although he performs those oral laps A multitasker that is sensual if there ever was one. Then, in one constant movement of sexual lust mixed with the best controller, Richard climbs to his feet, aims his cockhead in the goal, and in a slow, but constant rate, presses in until his balls have been dancing check to sidewalk with Angels now very full, but very content ass. While Angel presses back, like they were around handles to the gates of pleasure for them both gripping Angels lips, Richard rams forward again. Moving to the bed, Angel climbs aboard, lowering himself entirely. He grinds off on Richards cock until his belly is covered with a huge load as Richard jacks Angels prick. Richard then immediately proceeds to add a well earned explosion of his own. You don’t have to wonder that the ones are with this St. Pattys day guys?

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