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Gorgeous Ladyboy Thippy is pulling her dick and chatting with Jack on her mobile cell phone. He clarifies fantasizing about dominating her. Our sexy, super-sexy host decides to make his dream come true. Jack arrives and they have a beverage before Thippy asks him what he desires. He desires her nude! He then blindfolds her, then restrains her wrists together with tape, and starts sucking her cock. He pulls his boner and feeds . Totally naked now, he penetrates her ass when fucking her sitting back on the couch. Shortly she is manhandled by him into position for a few doggy style ass pounding. Flipping her over, he’s his thrusting while playing. moves on her top and she does the fucking. Even the blindfold and tape now, Thippy eagerly moves down on him as she stokes her own dick. Jack stands up and pumps his load to Thippys mouth. Then she sticks on his hard cock and strokes himself to orgasm, spurting a number of jets of jism all over his chest.

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